We, at 23rd Street Auto Sales, are family owned and operated with a combined 35 years in finance and dealer experience. Our slogan is “everyone is our friend and we save friends money.” We strive for perfection when it comes to helping our friends get the Best Deal and Financing and drive away in the car of their dreams. We have confidence in our ability to help every person who enters our dealership that we can help you.

We work endlessly to get you approved.

  • We work endlessly to get you approved.
  • Ask about our PATENTED Credit Approval! Let us help YOU get into a ride TODAY!
  • We specialize in finding premium used car inventory.
  • We find your wants and needs in your new vehicle!
  • A never-ending friendly environment.
  • Unlimited amount of amazing deals.
  • We offer low priced used cars that everyone can afford.
  • Our friendly staff can assist you with all your automobile needs.

Specialty Auto Finance is our business and we are great at our business. We, at 23rd Street Auto Sales, strive to be the number one dealership for used cars for sale in Nebraska and are located near downtown Columbus.

It is My Mother, My Father, My Brother and Myself here serving all of our friends at the 23rd Street Auto Sales dealership. We are always a happy and very fun loving family. We love doing our best in helping out everyone that visits us by getting them into a Quality Used Car in Nebraska no matter what we have to do. We are always willing to meet people after hours if we have to, to get them into a vehicle. We are extremely caring about our customers and do everything we can to uphold our amazing ratings! We understand how difficult and scary it can be searching around for used cars for sale, especially when it comes to non-Dealership cars like used cars for sale by owner or privately own vehicles.


Mother-Rebecca Schrant (Bookkeeper)

Father-Kelly Schrant (General Manager)

Brother-Tyler Schrant (Finance)

Myself- Dustin Schrant (Sales)

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